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The texture of the leather on the car seat

About HT Auto Solutions Inc.

HT Auto Solutions is an automotive, audio, media, and design integration solution company.

We specialize in many things customers want and don’t necessarily need.

We are customer focused.

We always take into consideration any of our projects, no.1, will a tech have to look at or service something near our modification or products. We design everything modular and removable like factory parts.

Being customer focused, we are also vehicle needs focused. We want to design options for your vehicle that are reliable, safe, look and sound great.

We thrive on reliable award-winning premium products. Made available to us from our partners.

We are also very conscious of not devaluing a vehicle with modifications. We always design our systems with removable back to stock options.

We are a boutique shop with a team that is always learning and educating our selves to deal with the modern complex vehicles.

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