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Start Your Vehicle from Anywhere with Our Remote Starters in Edmonton and Leduc

Waiting for your vehicle to warm up while you shiver in the driver’s seat is never an enjoyable time, especially early in the morning on your way to work. If you have a remote starter, you can start your vehicle from the comfort of your home and wait for it to get to a comfortable temperature before you get in.


HT Auto Solutions Inc. provides remote starters for vehicles in Leduc and the surrounding area. Whether you’re at home or work, a keyless starter allows you to warm up your vehicle before driving, which can prolong the life and performance of your engine.


Choose from a wide range of products and find the one that best suits your needs.


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Take Care of Ice and Snow

A keyless vehicle starter allows you to turn the heat on remotely, allowing it to warm up and melt ice and snow off it before you drive with only minimal effort from you. Waiting inside with your morning coffee sounds a lot better than standing out there in the freezing cold, chipping away at the ice.


Leaving your vehicle running without you in it can cause worry. What if someone steals it? Don’t worry – remote vehicle starters come with anti-theft security built-in. The doors will stay locked until you’re ready, and you still need to insert the key into the ignition to be able to drive. This gives you peace of mind when using your keyless starter.

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We provide a wide range of custom solutions to really give your vehicle the upgrade you want.

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