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Switching of car LED headlights in night

Upgrade Your Headlights and Interior Lights to Take on Edmonton and Leduc’s Dark Nights

Modern car xenon lamp headlight

The night is dark and full of surprises. If you have good headlights, the night can be a little less dark and a little less surprising.


At HT Auto Solutions Inc., we offer LED upgrade kits for your vehicle’s headlights. Both of these are upgrades on the factory-standard halogen bulbs and will help improve visibility during nighttime driving anywhere in Leduc or the surrounding area. Please contact us today for more information.

LED Headlight Kits

LEDs are a solution that draws less power than standard lights. High-end LED upgrade kits offer a bright light that cuts through the dark nights with ease. Just give us a call and we can discuss what the right option is for you.


*LED kits includes 2x bulbs and necessary ballasts. Basic install does not include removal of bumper or other body panels as required by some vehicles.

close-up of premium LED ambiant light empty interior of premium SUV Mercedes
Closeup inside vehicle of wireless key ignition.

See Our Accessories

We provide a wide range of custom solutions to really give your vehicle the upgrade you want.

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