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Car audio products provided by HT Auto Solutions

We Specialize in Integrating Your Audio Systems in Edmonton

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Experience the unparalleled joy of cruising with open windows and your beloved tunes blasting from the speakers. Elevate this sensation with a top-notch vehicle stereo system.


At HT Auto Solutions Inc., we excel in seamlessly integrating your vehicle's audio systems with the factory setup. Enjoy your travels around Edmonton and Leduc with pristine sound quality accompanying you every mile. Whether you're vibing to the latest chart-toppers, reminiscing with timeless classics, engrossed in a captivating podcast, or immersed in an audiobook adventure, a premium vehicle stereo system can truly enhance your journey.


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Many contemporary vehicle audio setups are intricate, handling a multitude of vehicle information. From door chimes to backup sensors, Bluetooth calls to signal light indicators, the factory audio system manages it all.

It's imperative to account for these functionalities, even when considering basic speaker upgrades. Our team has dedicated time to understand these intricacies. We ensure that every vehicle's audio system can be upgraded without compromising factory features or altering its stock appearance.

Our range of options caters to diverse preferences. From our stage 1 tune setup for factory audio systems to a complete overhaul while maintaining a factory look, we offer solutions tailored to your needs. Additionally, we can enhance your music experience by adding bass and enhancing bottom-end power.


Our Brands


Our Process

Our step-by-step process has been crafted to ensure you get the most from your vehicle.

Come to us for an upgrade on your factory audio system. Give us a call today for an estimate.

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The Audition

Our first step is to listen to your vehicle and establish the baseline of strengths and weaknesses. We’ll identify the OEM equipment and locations, then put your vehicle through an extensive acoustical and electrical analysis. Once we have all the information we need, we can make an informed decision on the best course.

Technician installing the car speaker
The Engineering

Our technical team starts designing the mounts and wiring harnesses while focusing on maintaining the OEM structures and designs. This ensures no compromise to your vehicle’s integrity. OEM materials, such as aluminum and plastics, are used to ensure long-term reliability.

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The Design

We start planning the system layout, putting together ideas based on the information from our analysis. We place equally careful consideration on the form and the function. We believe there should be no compromise between great sound and the cosmetics and practicality of your vehicle.

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The Execution

The last stage unifies every aspect into an electrically charged finished product. Our specialists are trained in installation, configuration, and service of all systems, ensuring proper fit and safe and correct vehicle handling. Your pride and joy will come home better than it left.

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