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Radar detector in the car

Get the Best in Radar Detectors in Edmonton

ESCORT MAXcam 360c

HT Auto Solutions offers the Redline Ci 360c, the most advanced custom-install radar detectors from Escort.


The ESCORT Redline Ci 360c is one of the most advanced radar detection solutions in the business, providing unmatched performance and game-changing intelligence. With legendary detection range, complete laser protection, and 100% stealth, it also includes customizable installation options that match the look of your vehicle.

This detector includes front and rear radar receivers, plus five brand new laser shifters that are 50% smaller and come with industry-leading false alert filtering software so you can enjoy a quiet ride.


Contact us today for more information and to request a quote.

Installed Radar Detectors - ESCORT Radar
Closeup inside vehicle of wireless key ignition.

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