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Car video camera (dash cam) in car

The Leading Supplier of Dash Cams in the Edmonton and Leduc Area

Drive recorder installed

Dash cameras are a useful addition to your vehicle. They allow you to track your route, log destinations, and can even record information such as the speed you’re driving at. Information like this can be helpful to you as a driver and can be useful to police or insurance companies in the event of an accident. Dash cameras are often encouraged by law enforcement officials for this reason – they can make everyone’s lives easier.

HT Auto Solutions Inc. supplies and installs quality dash cams for vehicles in Leduc and the surrounding area.


Please contact us today to learn more about the dash cams we can provide for your vehicle.

Car camera video recorder inside the car
ESCORT MAXcam 360c
Escort MAX CAM 360 Dash cam and radar and laser protection all in one
Closeup inside vehicle of wireless key ignition.

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